St Augustine Fashion Week


Walking in fashion week

It was a crazy busy day, but I had an absolute blast! 

St Augustine Fashion Week started in 2016 when Brittany Alphonso had a dream, and this year, Season 5, was the start of my dream! The hustle and bustle before the show was just great! The Adrenalin right before you go out into a sea of lights and people was such a rush! I definitely want to do it again next year! Who did I walk for?? Read on!


Wild raven Boutique!

I was given the opportunity to walk the runway by Wild Raven Boutique! I happened to visit their amazing Boutique bus after my mom and I saw it the day before and had to see what was inside! The owners and my mom were talking about their businesses, when they started talking about Fashion Week. My mom surprised me a few days later, saying they wanted to know if I would walk for them! I was so excited but also scared!


Enough about me haha

You have to check out their amazing Boutique Bus, and if you are not a local, all good, they are online too! They have great brands like Free People and POL. Two of my Favorites :) Make sure you also checkout more pictures from fashion week on their Instagrams!

@wildravenboutique - Instagram

@sta_fw - Instagram